We are looking for a Product Owner to join our international and diverse team. Our team is spread out globally. We are building solution to borrow money from pyrpose, on better than traditional bank terms while also increasing your product awareness, growing your brand and cultivating a community of next generation investors that care about your impact.
Pyrpose are lookgin
for Product Owner
Знаете ли вы, что есть прибыльная профессия в сфере IT, где не нужен опыт программирования? А спрос на рынке превышает предложение! Все просто - научитесь искать проблемы в работе сайтов и приложений под руководством эксперта с многолетним опытом и зарабатывай-те от 1500 долларов в месяц!
monetize impact
Impact must be monetised to benefit your company, people and planet. With a pyrpose campaign you are getting access to financial terms that allow you to focus on delivering your impact. We still have to charge for use of our capital, but we can assure you that the terms are favorable and you are able to see the benefits.
smart impact
We find the next generation of consumers dedicated to take action to improving people and planet. The pyrpose community will share their impact they deliver with you and therefore expand the potential of your business. smart impact!
fast and efficient process
Waiting on investment committees or any form of bureaucracy never inspires anyone! We’re here to reduce your time to getting access to capital by leveraging more advanced ways of communicating and disseminating information so you know outcomes faster. We can’t, however, guarantee approval.
repeat on your success
We believe that if you are doing good for people and planet you should be enabled to repeat this. Doing a pyrpose campaign is not a “one and done” activity. Once you’ve built a community that shares your passion, you are welcome to come back as many times as what suits your business.

Is my candidacy

good fit?
It’s a good question to address before you start working with us. We are looking for someone to handle this responsibilities:
- Requirements management (elicitation, clarification, docs preparation, keeping requirements up to date)
- Backlog management
- Support of developers (clarification of expected results and problems described in defects, clarification and explanation of requirements)
- Support of QA (clarification of STRs, requirements around the area, business cases and help with test cases creation, complex scenarios preparation)
Our stack:
Back-end: NodeJS, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes
Front-end: React, React Native
Git, Jira, Notion, Slack, Postman

We work using Kanban methodology, we have a plan to switch to Agile in one year term.
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