The “E” refers to environment and more specifically for pyrpose supporting solutions to reduce, the 50 gigatons we emit on a yearly basis.
we help you deliver on the "E" of ESG
Знаете ли вы, что есть прибыльная профессия в сфере IT, где не нужен опыт программирования? А спрос на рынке превышает предложение! Все просто - научитесь искать проблемы в работе сайтов и приложений под руководством эксперта с многолетним опытом и зарабатывай-те от 1500 долларов в месяц!
What we offer
A turnkey solution giving your organisations leadership to your community, that fighting climate change is the responsibility of all of us.
How it works
Your organisation decides the emission reduction target you want to achieve with your community. Pyrpose works helps your organisation to price the commitment along with your budget.
What we do
Pyrpose sources the solutions that reduce climate emissions and the funds raised by your organisation are directly allocated to these companies.
What sets us apart
We believe in transparency and making a difference towards climate should be engaging. We show your community engaging content, so they can see their contributing in action. Plus, all the climate emissions data is available to review.
Our Partners
Contact us here to learn more and join us in fighting climate change.